The CoolSculpting procedure eliminates fat safely and effectively, without surgery or downtime.…


Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Hot Stones, and more! We tailor our massages…

Massage Cupping

Light application to drain fluids from the area, while heavier applications are…


Using natural essential oils to enhance physical and psychological well-being. We use…

Cellulite Reduction

Break down the adhesions that cause "orange peel" texture.

Face Lifting & Drainage

Drain excess fluids, reduce puffiness, open sinuses and stimulate collagen! This gentle…


Jodi Callahan

CoolSculpting Tech & Licensed Massage Therapist

Natascha Redman

Master Esthetician / Escape Esthetics 757-327-8140

Alexis Hoggard

Master Esthetician / Flawless Skin by Alexis 757-469-1123

Matt Damewood

Licensed Massage Therapist / Renu Massage 757-932-0043

Marie Strom

Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist

Jene Knobloch

Web Developer & CoolSculpting Tech